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Infection Control

At Montville Oral Surgery Associates, infection prevention is an utmost priority in providing care to our patients. As a means to provide our patients with the ultimate standards in infection prevention control we have subscribed and are compliant with those practices as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Specifically, our office adheres to those standard and precautions as outlined by the CDC: with specific attention to hand hygiene, personal protective equipment, respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette, sharps safety (needles and otherwise), safe injection practices, sterilization/disinfection of patient care items and devices, environmental infection prevention/control and dental unit water quality. In our office we understand that the safety of each and every patient is paramount and can only be assured by adequate staff education and training. Here at Montville Oral Surgery, we have been proactive for many years in such quality control and mandate that each and every staff member is well versed in all these protective measures such as sterilization and disinfection in the patient setting. All surgical instruments are sterilized via the autoclave method to be totally compliant with CDC recommendations while single dose medications with single use sterile needles are utilized for each patient encounter. At Montville Oral Surgery Associates, patient protection with specific emphasis on infection control has always been a hallmark standard in our practice and without hesitation we welcome any questions or concerns regarding our infection control practices.